BEN LORA VIRTUAL WALK Feb 2001 archive editon



Beech Wood
Middle Viewpoint
Top Viewpoint
Short route down
The End
Panoramic view



 UK map showing Benderloch

The 'walk' is a series of pictures to illustrate some of the paths that can be followed on Ben Lora, Benderloch, Argyll

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 Ben Lora from beach


 General view of the lower part of Ben Lora
seen from Tralee Beach, Benderloch
The walk climbs up through the forest


Beach from Ben Lora


Part of the view back to the beach
from the 'Eagles Eyrie' viewpoint, Ben Lora


 The 'virtual walk' simply requires you to click
on the link for the next picture - with different
options offered at various stages.
The pictures were taken on a sunny day in
February with some snow still lying. Most were spaced
roughly 100M apart or at a significant point.
In real life allow up to an hour for the short walk
or two hours for the longer. That should give you time
to appreciate the views!
There are some fairly steep bits; most of the paths have
a gravel base, but some areas can be muddy.
A strong pair of waterproof shoes or boots is recommended!


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